Friday, August 28, 2009

Quick note...

OK so I know I said next post is my give away but I am behind...I have had a little summer job for 2 yrs now...I would only work a few days here and there but this year I was asked to do more labor intensive jobs...Oh by the way I work for her I just love it but I am so short on time but I promise I will have my give away very soon...Just a teaser I am thinking of doing something like a Fall,Harvest/Christmas,Winter/Birthday,Celebration packages those would be the winners choice so I was thinking a banner of sorts,name-place tags,gift box,decorations,etc so the winner chooses what theme they want and I will have various packages you choose from...So I will I will get on it I have my ideas and just need to get into production...Please be patient with me these more working hours is rough on my schedule and I'm trying to get a groove going...Well the wedding for this weekend is in Santa Barbara I will bring my camera and will post some pics of what we do and all the excitement...Blessings Emilie


  1. Love this place!!!!!
    Have a great weekend and hope you don't stay TOO busy...
    Christina :)

  2. I just checked that website....and I was floored by all the beauty. It must be so much work. I can see why you are tired!!!
    Get some rest!

  3. Emilie, I forgot to ask if you wouldn't mind if I added you to my List of Beautiful Places to Visit and Dream. My lil blog is pretty new too but I love having beautiful blogs like yours on my list...if you would like yours removed from my list please let me know :) Rose

  4. Hi Emilie! What a wonderful blog you have here!!! We all are a little busier, ok sometimes a lot busier, in the summer time, and keeping up with blogging is a little tougher! Glad you enjoy your job!

    :) T

  5. I love love love your paper goods!!!! Oh, PS I gave you an award! Go here, to get the rules and claim it. Thanks for all the inspiration! :)