Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Evening Post

I just adore the soft glow of candles especially at night...While having dinner,reading a book,drinking a cup of tea,just about anytime...Grab some candles and join me...Happy Evening Emilie


  1. Hi Emilie, thank you for following. Your blog is lovely, I'l come back Rosanna

  2. Hi Emilie,
    This is lovely, I too cherish the ambiance of a quiet evening, candle light and coziness. Glad to have found your blog, you have beautiful photos on your sidebar... I think I see a bistro table in there, one of my favorite things! Great music too.

  3. I have candles all over the place and cannot remember the last time I lit them!

    I'll light them on Saturday and have a relaxing hour or two.

  4. Everything is more beautiful and softer in candlelight! Lovely photo!
    :) Laura

  5. Hi Emilie! I adore candlelight too!! I wanted you to know that your cloche will finally be on it's way this week...they were released from Cutoms on Friday and I am hoping to have them in hand by Tuesday! Thank you again for be sooooooo patient!

    :) T

  6. emilie...i LOVE the birthday medallion you created!!! LOVELOVELOVE it...its even more fun in person. i especially love all the little extra goodies too. you are so sweet.
    i'll be back for more!!