Friday, September 17, 2010


It's finally here... Back in May I entered Martha Stewart Handmade Gift Contest and I completely forgot I had and  about two months ago I get an email telling me I  was the winner...I couldn't believe it...

Yesterday my Honey came home with a hand full of  magazines...
                                                       and 3 dozen roses with a sweet card...

                                              Thank you Honey what a sweetheart ...
                                             Hope you will pick yourself up a copy...
                            Lots to do with the show only a short few weeks away...
                                                            Have a great weekend ,


  1. congrates again and im VERY proud of you ...Your Husband "Jon".... lololololololololol

  2. yay you!!!!!!
    how incredible!!
    have loved your shop & creations too

  3. Yeaaaa !!! I'm so pround of you !!

    I hope Martha sees what great talent you have and hires you for your very own show!!!
    (hey, a girl can dream can't she ?)

    I'm going to miss the Remnants show, but good luck to you,

    Hugs to you,

  4. Cant wait to meet you also. We'll see you on Friday night!!! Katy

  5. WoW!!!! That's so cool girl! Your Art is amazing...over the top!
    Bravo to you Emilie...Hope to see you soon!
    Xo Sherry

  6. Congrats!!!! So well deserved! Nice finally meeting you at Remnants! Waiting for more of your pumpkins on stick!! Marlene

  7. EMILY!
    YAYYYYYYY! So happy for you! Way to go! That is totally awesome for you, and I love the wreath, btw...

    I am also happy for me, my computer crashed a while back, and I lost all my favorite bloggers. I have been slowly running into them, but had this sinking feeling that I was missing someone. I just happened to stumble upon you on a sidebar and I was practically dancing around my room to have found you again. It's been a good day for both of us....

    But congrats, and now I can start "stalking" you again, but I do believe in comments! Now I have to go catch up with all your fabulous posts.