Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thank You!!!

Thank you Amber from Simple Dwellings for giving me the Stylish blogger award!!!
So I'm so post to list 7 things about myself oh boy!!!
1.while I'm in the craft room I always have a teaching tape or praise music playing.
2.I get moody when the house is a mess,I hate it I can't stand it...
3.when I make cookies or brownies,cake I scoop out some of the batter and hide it when the kids leave the kitchen I eat it up..lame I know!!!
4.Um HOPE MY HUBBY DOESN'T READ THIS ONE!When me and my mom go shopping I have her put the things I bought on her credit card only if I go over my sending limit..Hey when you buy the shirt then see a sweater or coat that goes with and then some pants but you see the shoes and a purse to, wow you got to buy it how often do you find a whole outfit...Sorry honey now you know why I write random checks to my mom!!!
5.I procrastinate a lot...
6.My favorite meal is tortellini Alfredo....I love a good Alfredo sauce...
7.I need to have more patience's and not be so hard on myself,but who isn't...
Ok now for the easy part I have to pass this award onto 5 other stylish blogs just 5 wow ok not so easy I take that back but here they are...
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           Rules for these 5 Stylish Bloggers:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this award on to 5 other stylish blogs!



  1. What a great list of things about yourself! I love it! You're so deserving of this award. :)

  2. why thank you, my love! i think for a bounus you should add #8 which would be that you are an amazing and inspiring friend! xoxo

    and how come you've never tried my alfredo?!

  3. oH MY! Aren't you sweet! I want you to know how deeply flattered I am, coming from someone as talented as YOU! I am on the road for a few more weeks, and it isn't always easy to blog, so I will give this some thought and post my list the first chance I get!
    Again, THANK YOU...

  4. so much beauty here. i am so happy to have found you!

  5. Congratulations! Such a beautiful blog, you totally deserve it! I do the same thing with cookie dough and cake batter.