Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Grilling

I love when the weather is nice outside because that means I am getting out something to grill.Here at the Morris house I do the grilling,lets just say I like my meats edible plus I was taught all I know by my dad the master of the grill well in my house growing up anyways...
So with football starting well its HELL WEEK as they call it the boys come home ready to eat.
Oh and yes that is a Weber I love my Weber will never use anything but its the charcoal flavor that just makes everything taste great... 
As the chicken is grilling,oh yes I did marinate the chicken for a few hours in this.I went inside and started my pasta and gathered my fresh herbs Basil and Tarragon which I got from here.Cut up a few fresh lemons and went to get the chicken off the grill.As the chicken set I drained the pasta and added it to my platter and tossed in the herbs and squeezed the fresh lemons on top.Then cut up the chicken and added it the pasta and garnished.No sooner were the boys home and ready to eat...I love the summer days and the smell of the grill. 
What are you making on your grill I would love to see some pictures so leave me a comment and add your link...
Blessings E.M.


  1. I wish I could show you pics but alas we've done no grilling this summer. I did enjoy yours though.
    Hope you having a great summer!